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Resident Evil 5 [PC] || File Size : 8.00 GB. 

Resident Evil 5, known in Japan as Biohazard 5 (バイオハザード5 Baiohazādo Faibu?), is a survival horror third-person shooter video game developed and published by Capcom. The game is the seventh installment in the Resident Evil survival horror series, and was released on March 5, 2009 in Japan and on March 13, 2009 in North America and Europe for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and September 2009 for Microsoft Windows. The story of Resident Evil 5 revolves around Chris Redfield's and Sheva Alomar's investigation of a terrorist 

Resident Evil 5 features similar gameplay to Resident Evil 4, with context-sensitive controls and dynamic cutscenes also making a return.
The player can control either Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar in a similar fashion to Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4, with the same over-the-shoulder perspective. The game's environment plays a significant role. The Mercenaries minigame, featured in previousResident Evil games, is present in Resident Evil 5. At launch, the multiplayer mode in the minigame was offline only, but a launch day patch gave the game online multiplayer modes as well.
Instead of zombies, the game's humanoid enemies are called "Majini", meaning evil spirit inSwahili. They bear many resemblances to the Ganados of Resident Evil 4, because they speak, run, dodge and wield weapons.Like in Resident Evil 4, the number of weapon variations is increased compared to the previous games in the series; there are now several varieties of the handgun, shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle and rifle to choose from.Like inventory systems in two previous Resident Evil titles Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, the player can only equip weapons and items in the midst of gameplay (the game still runs real-time as you manipulate the inventory), as opposed to the game pausing.
The game features some online elements. Resident Evil 5's main story mode can be played with two players, in a co-operative online mode. The feature will allow players to enter or leave anytime during the game. Players will not always stick together, and can be separated at points during the gameplay. However, if one player were to have critical health, only their partner can resuscitate them. An offline co-op mode is also in the game with the same co-op experience offered by the online co-op mode, only with two local players controlling the action in split screen or by a system link.

Minimum Requirements for play game Resident Evil 5 

* OS : Windows XP
* CPU : Intel Pentium D / AMD Athlon 64 X2
* RAM : 1 GiByte Windows Vista / 512 MiByte Windows XP
* HDD : 8.0 GByte
* Monitor : 800 x 600 pixels<
* Graphics card : 256 MiByte VRAM / Shader Model 3.0 / Nvidia Geforce 6800 / Ati Radeon HD 2400 Pro
* Input : Mouse and keyboard

Resident Evil 5 recommended specs 
* OS : Windows Vista<br 
* CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom X4
* RAM : 2 GiByte Windows Vista / 1 GiByte Windows XP<br 
* HDD : 8.0 GByte<br 
* Monitor : 1,280 x 720<br 
* Graphics card : 512 MiByte VRAM / Nvidia Geforce 9800 / Ati Radeon HD 4800
* Input : Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

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Ryan mengatakan...

Keren nih gamenya

29 Januari 2012 19.51
ucok mengatakan...

boleh dia..

31 Januari 2012 07.05
Diasyamy mengatakan...

Part3 Resolved :)
Thanks for report the bug .
Keep enjoyed

27 Maret 2012 04.05
ziyad mengatakan...

gan, passwordnye apa ya?

14 Juli 2012 22.21
ziyad mengatakan...

gan cara ekstraknya gimana?
trus ada file kalo ga salah yang .r09 sama .r32 rusak

16 Juli 2012 12.16
Diasyamy mengatakan...

zyad : maaf gan, ada file yg rusak. udh lama ga ngeblog, lg sbuk urusan kuliah. hehe :D

8 Agustus 2012 00.18
Andri Saputra mengatakan...

passnya apa ni..????
masa download dkasi pass kagak..

17 Oktober 2012 21.39
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Promotional USB Drivers mengatakan...

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12 Maret 2013 12.29
James Walton mengatakan...

WARNING! The files given above are not legit, not working. HOWEVER, I spent quite a bit of time searching for the file and I ALREADY FOUND IT. 100% WORKING. I guess I need to drop the working links here just to save you some time searching.



If you need OR want some other files, just send a message on me. Hope I helped, and have a nice day!

1 Juni 2015 10.08
Rosemary L. Diaz mengatakan...

all download link is dead. visit this website for a lot of gaming

30 November 2016 15.21

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