2 Free Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Free Download for PC, Game Sport by Konami.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016  || File Size : 4.8 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (abbreviated to PES 2016 and known as Winning Eleven 2016 in Japan) is a football simulation game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami for Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It is the fifteenth edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The cover of the game features Neymar Jr. of Barcelona (seen wearing his Brazil national team kit). PES 2016 is also PES productions' 20th anniversary in making football games. The name of the game has been renamed from "World Soccer: Winning Eleven" to "Pro Evolution Soccer" in Asia (except Japan) and "Winning Eleven" in Japan and respectively.


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5 Free Download Windows Movie Maker 6

Windows Movie Maker 6  || File Size : 8.5 MB

Windows Movie Maker gives you the tools to create, edit, and share home movies. Compile and edit a movie from video clips with drag-and-drop functionality. Add special effects, music, and narration with ease. Share your movie over the Web or master it to DVD media. You can also save your movie back to the DV tape in your camera.


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4 Download Camfrog Video Chat v 6.2.189 Terbaru

Camfrog Video Chat 6.2.189  || File Size : 12 MB

If you're sick of hopping from one chatware program to another, looking for the perfect mix of video, audio, and text socializing, CamFrog might be what you're looking for.
The chat rooms feature everything from music lessons to sign language to non-English chatting, and integrating video, audio, and text components are a great leap forward for chat communities since a Webcam is not a requirement. Be warned, though: There's also a slew of X-rated chat rooms--this is not a program that kids should use without supervision.
The interface should be familiar to anyone who has used any messaging software. You can create your own chat room and password-protect it, and the Contacts list has a section for favorite rooms and one-click contact adding, user searching, and profile management. New in Version 5 is high-resolution video support, interface tweaks, and the ability to send little "virtual gifts" to both friends and anonymous recipients that borders on the annoying.
Cautious users should note that the install includes several toolbars and a Weather Channel widget, which you can opt out of. Despite those drawbacks, if you're looking for a well-trafficked video chat program that serves a diverse community, CamFrog is cool place to land.


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2 Free Download Any Video Converter v 3.3.9 Terbaru 2012

Any Video Converter 3.3.9  || File Size : 28 MB

Any Video Converter is an all-in-one video converting freeware with easy-to-use graphical interface, fast converting speed, and excellent video quality. It can convert almost all video formats including DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, and AVI to MPEG-4 movie format for PSP or other portable video device, MP4 player, or smartphones. It is the freeware to convert video files between multiple formats and download YouTube videos.
What's new in this version: Version 3.3.9 adds new output profile supporting Samsung Galaxy S III and refines the video conversion engine with faster speed and higher quality.


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6 Free Download KMPlayer Professional Media Player Terbaru

KMPlayer 3.2 Professional  || File Size : 28 MB. 

KMPlayer Professional Media Player memiliki tampilan yang cukup menawan sama seperti Splash PRO HD playerKMPlayer Professional Media Player cukup handal dalam memainkan berbagai macam format HD video termasuk 1080p Bluray.

Supported Files or Devices:
  • HTTP Streaming(AVI etc including none-streaming media)
  • Directshow playback (avi, mkv etc)
  • Real Engine + Directshow (needs Real Player or Alternative)
  • QuickTime Engine + Directshow (needs QuickTime player or Alternative)
  • Mplayer Engine Support
  • Winamp Input Plugin(decoder) Support
  • Compressed Audio Album Support(zip, rar)
  • Audio CD(2000, XP only / Win9x-Support by winamp plugin)
  • Video CD/SVCD/XCD : CDXA Format (2000, XP only)
  • DVD playback
  • DTS Wave and AC3 files
  • WDM device support like TV or Camera
  • CD Image File (BIN/ISO/IMG/NRG) ; NRG needs mplayer.dll
  • Shoutcast (Including NSV)
  • AAC, OGG parser/decoder
  • Shockwave Flash/FLC/FLI
  • Ape/MPC/Flac/Module etc
  • Various Image files like png, gif etc
  • Incomplete/Damaged AVI file (Skip Damaged Frames)
  • Locked Media Files while downloading or sharing

Built-in Codec/Filters:
  • Video Codec
  • MPEG4 (Divx/Xvid : ffmpeg/xvid)
  • MPEG1/2 (ffmpeg/libmpeg)
  • etc (ffmpeg)
  • Audio Codec
  • 2Ch to Multi Channel expansion
  • External Codec
  • Media Priority to Connect among Directshow, Real, QT, Winamp and Mplayer
  • Custom Filter Manager
  • System Filter Manger

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1 Free Download Internet Download Manager 6.11 Terbaru

IDM 6.11 + Crack || File Size : 4.50 MB. 

Internet Download Manager is a tool for increasing download speeds by up to 5 times, and for resuming, scheduling, and organizing downloads. The program will resume unfinished downloads due to network problems, or unexpected power outages. The program features a full-fledged site grabber that downloads files that are specified with filters, for example, all pictures from a Web site, different parts of Web sites, or complete Web sites for offline browsing. The program supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and MMS protocols, and has an adaptive download accelerator for MP3 audio, FLV and MPEG video files. The program also features Download Video and Audio Panels for Internet Exporer, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers that appears on top of a web-player and can be used to download flash videos from sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, Google Videos.
What's new in this version: Version 6.11 build 7 improves IDM categories. It adds a feature to create categories for specific sites. This new version also fixes false interception of web ads, improves HTML5 video detection in IE 9 & 10 on youtube, improves youtube video downloading from Google Chrome, adds support for Firefox 14, SeaMonkey 2.9, SlimBrowser and Epic Browser, adds Socks traffic monitoring for Google Chrome & Opera, adds compatibility with address hiding programs, and fixes bugs in IE intergration module.


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4 Free Download Connectify Pro 3.4 + Crack

Connectify Pro 3.4 || File Size : 9.65 MB. 

Connectify adalah sebuah software yang memudahkan kita untuk membuat hotspot hanya dengan memanfaatkan fasilitas wifi yang tersedia pada sebuah laptop/notebook.

Conenctify Release Notes:
  • Faster: Connectify is now faster (20% faster on client-to-client, and client-to-host networking) and uses significantly less CPU than previous versions.
  • Better support for streaming video, peer-to-peer, and gaming:The software for UPnP, MTU, and client-to-client communications have all been reworked for speed and reliability. Some examples of applications that now work noticeably better from clients include the XBox 360’s Zune Marketplace and uTorrent.
  • Better support for 3G/4G cards: A number of additional mobilebroadband cards and wireless carrier configurations are now supported. Certain 3G/4G cards that were misidentified as Ethernet cards are now correctly recognized as mobile broadband cards.
  • Options to turn off Fling File Transfers and Network Peer Scanning: Some people requested the ability to turn off the Fling Wi-Fi File Transfer functionality, and we have complied. Turning off Network Peer Scanning will make Connectify no longer detect webservers and shared drives on other computers, but will also prevent it from issuing ARP packets onto the network. Both options can be found in the Connectify Menu under Advanced Settings.
  • Windows 8 Support (Beta): Connectify now works on Windows 8. This is beta level support, please tell us how it works for you.
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3 Android Packages Developer [Latest Version]

Android Sdk r17-Windows  || File Size : 35.68 MB

Android ADT 17.0.0  || File Size : 12.24 MB  

Eclipse Java EE Developer Indigo (32 Bit)  || File Size : 212.00 MB 

Android Ndk r7b Windows  || File Size : 76.62 MB 

Download the Android SDK

Welcome Developers! If you are new to the Android SDK, please read the steps below, for an overview of how to set up the SDK.
If you're already using the Android SDK, you should update to the latest tools or platform using the Android SDK and AVD Manager, rather than downloading a new SDK starter package.
Here's an overview of the steps you must follow to set up the Android SDK:
  1. Prepare your development computer and ensure it meets the system requirements.
  2. Install the SDK starter package from the table above. (If you're on Windows, download the installer for help with the initial setup.)
  3. Install the ADT Plugin for Eclipse (if you'll be developing in Eclipse).
  4. Add Android platforms and other components to your SDK.
  5. Explore the contents of the Android SDK (optional).

ADT Plugin for Eclipse

Android Development Tools (ADT) is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that is designed to give you a powerful, integrated environment in which to build Android applications.
ADT extends the capabilities of Eclipse to let you quickly set up new Android projects, create an application UI, add components based on the Android Framework API, debug your applications using the Android SDK tools, and even export signed (or unsigned) .apk files in order to distribute your application.
Developing in Eclipse with ADT is highly recommended and is the fastest way to get started. With the guided project setup it provides, as well as tools integration, custom XML editors, and debug output pane, ADT gives you an incredible boost in developing Android applications.
This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to download the ADT plugin and install it into your Eclipse development environment. Note that before you can install or use ADT, you must have compatible versions of both the Eclipse IDE and the Android SDK installed. For details, make sure to read Installing the ADT Plugin, below.
If you are already using ADT, this document also provides instructions on how to update ADT to the latest version or how to uninstall it, if necessary.

Download the Android NDK

The Android NDK is a companion tool to the Android SDK that lets you build performance-critical portions of your apps in native code. It provides headers and libraries that allow you to build activities, handle user input, use hardware sensors, access application resources, and more, when programming in C or C++. If you write native code, your applications are still packaged into an .apk file and they still run inside of a virtual machine on the device. The fundamental Android application model does not change.
Using native code does not result in an automatic performance increase, but always increases application complexity. If you have not run into any limitations using the Android framework APIs, you probably do not need the NDK. Read What is the NDK? for more information about what the NDK offers and whether it will be useful to you.
The NDK is designed for use only in conjunction with the Android SDK. If you have not already installed and setup the Android SDK, please do so before downloading the NDK.

More Info : Developer Android
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6 Download iTunes Player 10.6 Terbaru 2012

Download iTunes Player - Free Download iTunes 10.6, Download iTunes Player 10.6 Terbaru 2012, The latest iTunes player, Apple, Multimedia

iTunes 10.6 (32 Bit)  || File Size : 72.00 MB
iTunes 10.6 (64 Bit)  || File Size : 74.00 MB 

The version history of iTunes spans from 2001 to the present and covers the application's evolution and refinement from a simple music player to a control center for many types of media. Support for the iPod and iTunes Store (originally the iTunes Music Store) were added in the subsequent versions. Later, other types of media, including radiofilmstelevision shows, and audiobooks were also supported. More recently, iTunes has branched out from the iPod, providing iPhone and iPad syncing capabilities. 


Operating system versions

Operating system versionLatest versionSupport
Mac OS 9a2.0.4[1] (2002-03-20)2001—2002
Mac OS X v10.01.1.1[2] (2001-05-01)2001
Mac OS X v10.14.7.1 (2005-01-11)2001—2005
Mac OS X v10.26.0.5 (2006-06-29)2002—2006
Mac OS X v10.37.7.1[3] (2008-07-31)2003—2008
Mac OS X v10.4 for G38.2.1[4] (2009-08-28)2005—2009
Mac OS X v10.4 for G4G5Intel9.2.1[5] (2010-07-19)2005—2010
Mac OS X v10.510.6[6] (2012-03-07)Since 2007
Mac OS X v10.6Since 2009
Mac OS X v10.7Since 2011
Windows 2000 for x867.3.2 (2007-08-02)2003—2007
Windows XP 64-bit9.1.1[7] (2010-04-27)2003—2010
Windows XP 32-bit10.6[6] (2012-03-07)Since 2003
Windows VistabSince 2007
Windows 7bSince 2009
  • iTunes Store requires at least version 9, dropping support for earlier versions.
  • iTunes on Windows Home Server may cause data corruption, which Microsoft fixed in an update.
  • iTunes usually requires latest service pack or point release to function.
  • a. ^ Mac OS 9.1 is required to burn CDs.
  • b. ^ iTunes supports both 32- and 64-bit editions for Windows Vista and 7.

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