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Camfrog Video Chat 6.2.189  || File Size : 12 MB

If you're sick of hopping from one chatware program to another, looking for the perfect mix of video, audio, and text socializing, CamFrog might be what you're looking for.
The chat rooms feature everything from music lessons to sign language to non-English chatting, and integrating video, audio, and text components are a great leap forward for chat communities since a Webcam is not a requirement. Be warned, though: There's also a slew of X-rated chat rooms--this is not a program that kids should use without supervision.
The interface should be familiar to anyone who has used any messaging software. You can create your own chat room and password-protect it, and the Contacts list has a section for favorite rooms and one-click contact adding, user searching, and profile management. New in Version 5 is high-resolution video support, interface tweaks, and the ability to send little "virtual gifts" to both friends and anonymous recipients that borders on the annoying.
Cautious users should note that the install includes several toolbars and a Weather Channel widget, which you can opt out of. Despite those drawbacks, if you're looking for a well-trafficked video chat program that serves a diverse community, CamFrog is cool place to land.


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4 Respones to "Download Camfrog Video Chat v 6.2.189 Terbaru"

Hzndi mengatakan...

ini yang free atau pro ?

29 Mei 2012 19.56
Hzndi mengatakan...

wah si agan sekarang jarang update yah :)

6 Juli 2012 14.21
Obat Kuat mengatakan...

saya sering berkunjung di blog blog, postingan ini sangat menarik serta enak di baca tentang download camfrog video chat v 62189.... saya berharap bisa berkunjung lagi

13 Februari 2013 10.01
James Walton mengatakan...

WARNING! The files given above are not legit, not working. HOWEVER, I spent quite a bit of time searching for the file and I ALREADY FOUND IT. 100% WORKING. I guess I need to drop the working links here just to save you some time searching.



If you need OR want some other files, just send a message on me. Hope I helped, and have a nice day!

1 Juni 2015 10.08

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