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Anvil Studio ™ is a free Windows 7 / Vista / XP program designed for people who want to: record music with MIDI and Audio equipment, compose music for MIDI and Audio equipment, sequence music with MIDI equipment, or play with music using a computer. Version 2011 and earlier versions can run on the same computer at the same time. Version 2011 requires new accessory keys which we will email to existing customers free of charge upon request. Click these links to: see the free version's feature list, see descriptions of optional accessories, see sample screens, see reviews of Anvil Studio, see a history of recent changes, download the Anvil Studio user's guide, download the most recent version for Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Vista (32 or 64 bit), or XP, download an older version for use with Windows 98. Click on any of the accessories, or plug-ins, listed to the left to see a description of what they add to Anvil Studio. These optional accessories can be ordered and downloaded by pressing the Order button at the top of the screen. With the free version, you can create an unlimited number of MIDI tracks, and a one-minute audio track. With the optional Multi-Audio 1/8 accessory, each song you create can have up to eight audio tracks of unlimited length. With the optional Multi-Audio 8/16 accessory, each song you create can have up to 16 audio tracks of unlimited length, and you can record up to 8 audio tracks simultaneously if you have enough audio input ports.

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